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Practice cohabitation carefully chosen drive training
Throughout drive training situation is more popular in the market. Select drive training of consumers in General, there are two: one is not getting a driver's license, of people being trained. These people have usually enrolled in driving school training, but not content with driving schools arrange picking up training opportunities, practical training projects in order to build on during driving, pass the exam as soon as possible, so he chose to drive training. There are some people who have got a driver's license and have their own vehicle, but driving skills are not enough skilled driving alone didn't, in order to enhance their "real life", select the drive training.
an increasingly hot market demand, drive training industry is a mixed bag. Currently there are many companies and individuals engaged in drive training, exploration in the network of "drive training", you can get hundreds of thousands of results. However, according to the relevant parties found that many drive training from the hardware to the software do not meet the requirements. Some of them are private car owners, drove his own car to attract to practice business; others are driving coach, after modified his car under braking, with driving school student resources engaged in the "professional". Due to the lack of standardized services, some sparring explain the traffic levels it is difficult to ensure, and heve on the asking price.
drive training is a risky industry, easily lead to disputes and lead to accidents, endangering people's lives and property safety. Experts caution that drive training companies to conform to the State Department of transportation (2006, 2nd) vehicle drivers training administration requirements as well as industry-standard motor vehicle drivers training institutes qualifications (JT/T433) provisions of the relevant articles, with relevant qualifications. Practice and management system of the company should have a sound training; training staff should hold the People's Republic of China motor vehicle driving certificate of training coaches; equipped training vehicles shall conform to the national requirements for technical standards, and equipped with a pair of rear-view mirror, auxiliary braking pedals, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment.

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