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Chauffeur service agreement violation penalties
, To staff of management service agreement violations, ordered by the company to correct it. Confiscation, and impose a penalty of 500 Yuan for the service agreement, and thus brings legal responsibilities and the associated economic responsibility.
violation service agreement management provides behavior including:
(a) privately printed service agreement of;
(ii) not by provides led purchased service agreement of;
(three) not by provides issued service agreement of;
(four) not by provides made service agreement of;
(five) not by provides custody service agreement of;
(six) not by provides accept company check of.
II, who kept a blank service agreements, collection services agreement by the company, confiscation, and a fine of 500 Yuan fine.
three regulations, violation of the service agreement, employees unpaid, underpaid or cheated business income, by confiscation of the company, and unpaid, less pay or obtaining money fined not more than twice times and dismissal.
four, in violation of the service agreement regulations caused economic losses of the company, if the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, he transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility shall be investigated by the company.

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