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Drive Training Division: new car career
"Driving people to practice driving too little time and had to ask for special treatment. "Lee happy to say that after a period of practice, driving has improved rapidly, and have successfully passed the driving test.
practice "money scene" good beginner course
"with sparring, car new can not only get the basic operation of a vehicle guidance, can also get help mentally and on the skills, experience, fast new desire to freely navigate the car, feel the fun of driving. Now practice very much, some of our partners to make four thousand or five thousand Yuan every month. "A car service company official said.
in the interview, a lady Qin told reporters that "from driving in the last year to get a car, buying a new car, driving is still uncertain, uneasy. The road, encounters it know what to do, don't know how to solve the problem. "In her mind, drive training company have professional coaches, vehicles, space, warm and careful service, can she overcome the psychological fear in the teaching learning process, successfully make the transition from open to secure open.
now has a driver's license is not difficult, but some people take the car for a long time after this drive, because of lack of driving experience, road, and Qin appears most women in similar situations.
with the trained to become a required course before a lot of newbie, with coach training for novice-road driving experience, make the Novice Master Road safe driving experience.
is about security is not responsible for
it is understood that the vehicle partner at present almost no written agreement with the customer, through oral agreement. No agreement between partners and customers, and sparring in the process of cooperation between the two sides lack of discipline, in the learning process occurs in all aspects of the dispute are hard to predict, but do not have the relevant legal basis to deal with.
in addition, some sparring drivers of lower educational level, lack of professional knowledge, amateur sparring irresponsible training services there is no industry standard, level of sparring and bad.
the reporter Feng road, a car leasing company, according to the official, at present most of the sparring will not enter into a written agreement with the customer in advance. "All of the conventions was agreed orally, if the two sides can agree on a deal, who's responsible for traffic accidents occurred during the sparring we do not proactively address. But generally not as bad. "Wang said with luck. Ms
high two years ago, got a driver's license, but then not to drive for a long time, so through advertising links to several private partners. Because someone does not sign a written agreement, she worried about accidents, in her husband's free time to practice a practice. "There is no written agreement, just say a few words, had anything bad to say, managing security is not guaranteed. "High said.

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