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Drive training: business is very hot market is a mess
In a random interview at the press conference, many novice said, before driving it, or should we first find experienced partners, in the complex training on-the-job training. First, in order to improve the driving techniques, and second, increasing the boldness of his, so as not to overwhelm you in case of emergency.
LAU in a year ago to buy a new car, just started the special tension, panic trying to avoid the sight of carts. So she paid to a training partner. In practice, under the guidance of many psychological stress. Soon, she had started. Xu Zhigang 3 years ago
public license, but since then, never touch the car. A few days ago, he has spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy a Ford car, can drive was not sure about. Then heard friends say about have drive training, decided to try. Two hours a day, he drove in only 3 days. "Practice teachers is something practical on the road, how how how lights at the intersection, passing, parking, and night driving and the use of night lights. "
" is basic driving skills at driving school, real life can be practiced only road out. "Golden Horse driving a coach told reporters that" many beginners think that took my way, or should I first find an experienced master trainer. "

training responsibility recently, the reporter through an online ad information, found a Sun master specialized in sparring. He's in his early 50 's, with more than 30 years of driving experience, previously coach at a driving school, then when coaches get tired, earn less, quit specializes in private practice work.
Sun said, to find his car, must be made two days in advance, weekend course is jam-packed. Compared with the monthly paycheck at the driving school instructor, drive training income in the case of workload too much, but also at greater risk, even heavier responsibilities. Accident risk, not a fixed number of participants is not stable, a variety of risk, which is an objective reality.
"before sparring, I will first see if he has no driver's license. If not, I will never live. Because some people find partners, aims through partners on the road to learn the car, and then to obtain a driver's license, it's against the law. "Master Sun said. Specification

market survey found that training market there is reasonable, but because it is a new industry, no corresponding provisions, sparring market issue, nothing less.
first, sparring cost there is no uniform standard, moisture. Reporters call city several driving schools, "How do you charge it? "A driving school staff said the car manual 100 yuan per hour, pickup and automatic transmission 150 yuan per hour. Another school says, either a regular car or pickup truck, is 80 yuan per hour, if more than 5 hours is 60. Santana is also a coach car, price ranges from 60-100 Yuan, a difference of nearly 1 time.
Second, without a driver's license can also hit the road. Drive training is supposed to guide the novice coach, but driven by interests, with no cars, lots of sparring is desperate to pick up the job. Reporter called a private drive training call, said, "I don't have a car right now, can you? "" Yes, I have now with two cars. Our car has under brakes, emergency, urgent measures. "The other replied.
third, employing a mixed bag. In accordance with the provisions on service personnel are required to undergo a rigorous qualification accreditation and strict training before they can post, but some private partners did not have the condition.
essential service agreement
in an interview with reporters, private practice hardly signed an agreement with the customer, only with customers a phone, the coach car to the customer designated location can be started. Event of an accident or dispute, cars will be in a very passive position.
Li zhenquan Hebei our law firm lawyers say, because currently drive training service in our country there is no industry standard, practice driving to find private partners there is a certain risk. Select drive training service, best to sign a service agreement, so as to avoid disputes. Related Division of responsibility should be specifically stated in the agreement, and once after the accident, issues such as the scope and standard of compensation.

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