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When road traffic end collision
Avoid crash to "three, two appearances"
If you really was turning a corner after the discovery of a traffic jam, in order to avoid such danger, you need to understand some common sense to address this problem. At this point, you must remain calm, instantly see the road conditions, made the right response and decisive action, in short, called "three, two appearances".
three see: a see front and himself of car Zhijian whether can control in security distance within, if has, so on using it; II see road right road shoulder Shang has no location, if has, can for avoid with; three see road middle of green belt have space, such do although cannot avoid himself of car damaged, may himself also will by points injury, but didn't approach, such can reduce on front of hurt.
two actions: immediately and vigorously on the brake pedal. If your vehicle does not have ABS, you must change lanes do when braking action, short release the brake pedal, or is unable to turn the steering wheel when wheels are locked.
to avoid rear-end full use of brake lights
, in order to avoid collision, know as early as possible is the best way a traffic jam ahead, so that you can easily slow down. Therefore, you should take advantage of the brake light function, but at present, brake lights, where there is not satisfactory. For example, after you hit the brakes, brake lights lights to remind car slowed down, but the car wouldn't know the severity of your car brakes, if behind on your comedown was underestimated, the result is not hard to imagine, behind will still happen. Statistics show that was most of the reason of the crash is behind to do the braking action. It is reported that at present, there is no better device to highlight the brakes.
to do this, drive training companies to warn the best bearing in mind two important points:
first of all, if the vehicle in front, you have the ability to have a greater responsibility to take care of car. Braking as possible before you take a look at the rear view mirror, advance brake, reaction time to rear left. Not a last resort, not the brakes, for anyone's safety, own more secure. Secondly, if it is a car, you see a six-to pay attention to road condition, brake lights on the vehicle ahead, once the place is lit, then you should at least get your oil, or even brakes.

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