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Wouldn't know Cartman note No, we work, if the legs are tired can sit or squat, legs can be obtained after a short moment of rest; if the arm is tired to stop activities or relax your arm rest, fatigue can be eased soon. Only the neck, whether you sit, stand, squat, and it are in working condition, even if you are driving, in a meeting, or quietly thinking problems, cervical muscles must all work to maintain the position of the head, day after day, strain, cervical spine problems are inevitable.
jishuitan hospital orthopedic doctor Zhang told reporters, compact bone structure and complex cervical spine, neck muscles are very slender, it can buffer activities such as walking, jumping on the concussion of the brain, ensure the vertebral arteries from oppression, and give the brain an adequate oxygen supply. If there are lesions of the cervical spine, will not only lead to neck, shoulder, back and arm pain, may also affect the brain Center of limb sensation and movement of the command until it appears fecal incontinence, paralysis of lower extremities, limb numbness and other symptoms. Like: cervical spur to vertebral tube rear long have larger, on May led to double leg tighten, and walking difficult, formed spinal cord type cervical disease; if spur partial Yu side party, may will stimulus next of vertebral artery, appeared dizziness, and quenching pour, vertebral artery type cervical disease of symptoms; cervical of lesions effect to sympathetic, also will caused dizziness, and vision obstacles and flustered heartbeat, make sense type cervical disease of symptoms.
the formation of bone Spurs is a sign of aging, middle age, almost everyone will have different degrees of bone hyperplasia, but the feeling of the vast majority of people are in good health, only when a series of pathological changes in the various components of the cervical spine? smoked bone hyperplasia can play a role in the pathogenesis. In addition to outside factors such as the structure, function of the cervical spine, cervical and motion reduction, diet is not reasonably related to drug abuse, in particular taking hormonal medications, reduction of the formation of calcium deposits in the body and decrease in bone density, cervical intervertebral disc tissue autoimmune changes also plays an important role. Therefore, the cause of cervical spondylosis is multifaceted and comprehensive. From treating sick doctors is common sense, but most of the work for busy drivers, self treatment and prevention of cervical spondylotic myelopathy is all the more important.
from the nature of the work, the driver is not looking down at his desk all day writing?, but all frayed nerves, straight head is not in the interests of the cervical spine. So they must take care of cervical position, avoid a posture or lasting for a long time that caused cervical strain, per an hour after going to work and move about the neck, or relax in the seating, and fingers crossed, head forward backward, to exercise the neck muscles, increase the stability of the external balance of the muscles and ligaments. Sleep at night must have a height suitable pillow, with normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine for moderate, never too high pillow. Once around the neck or shoulder pain ill, you want to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in a timely manner, under the guidance of doctor dressing, traction, closed, such as massage or Diathermy therapy for relieving pain, serious surgical treatment can also be implemented.
need to draw the driver's attention is, each method of treatment effect is not the same for everyone, therefore, to take the most effective methods of treatment.

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