Driving knowledge

Drivers must know the four poor driving method
Low Block high-speed long-distance traffic: low gear high speed gas, high speed fuel economy. Many of the Starter until the engine speed exceeds the specified lot before raising the gear, this would result in a waste of fuel.
drive of foresight and is totally dependent on the brakes: a lot of people not far from the driver's field of vision, just staring at the action in the first car, rather than several vehicles before, do not pay attention to the situation on both sides of the road. Sometimes the car in front slowed down, red light into a string, side stepping on the accelerator; so found that the brake lights of the car in front, speed up, braking in a hurry. Unnecessary braking times, fuel consumption will increase.
not plan your route on the road: think way road. Many owners did not get into the habit, the results tend to go a lot of places.
-grab: in everyday driving, especially traffic jam, while waiting for the red light, change lanes and adjacent lanes just got a little space, a "short fuse" car accelerated elbow, back, the owners had to slam on the brakes. Sometimes in a junction, acute or accelerated, emergency stop four or five times, at the expense of greatly increased fuel consumption.

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