Car accompanied driving to the three requirements of customers
1, training time should not be too long: during accompanied driving students to sustain the best training 3 hours. Some students want to take rest days required to master with the driver's 5-6 hours, which is not quite proper. High road have been in a State of high tension, trained for too long tired easily, but influence of accompanied driving effect.
2, try to relax: faced with an emergency, students will add tensions, hands holding the steering wheel, a blank mind, be brakes or throttle? Action as a whole then becomes very stiff. In General, under braking at the foot of the master, students need not worry too much, as far as possible to practice driving in a relaxed state.
3, be sure to use the dedicated partners: formal sparring car under braking, if there is a problem, master will be dealt with immediately, reducing risk. Students bring their own vehicles are generally new cars, if there was a collision occurs during accompanied driving, will involve the liability of the parties, when it is difficult to draw.

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