How to prevent rear-end and rear
First of all the habit is to look at the three mirrors, attention depending on the corner. Not easily change, not easy overtaking, change line to estimate better the vehicle in front or overtaking distances and their next move ahead, give yourself sufficient reaction distance, decision due to an accurate time is decisive, overtaking the most taboo indecision. Not continuous across two lanes of traffic, should be changed after a continued to find out in the next, a lot of rear-end accidents have occurred in this case was rear.
not on the bus, taxi, tractor, slow tail lights are not lit (brake lights is broken, I often encounter this kind of vehicle), mud-loading trucks and other models followed by run, behind a large truck let him follow you running distance from the vehicle. Traffic light brakes do not stop dying, in maintaining proper distance when slowed down, close to the vehicle or to be stopped on the brakes and then continue to stop. This has two advantages for the first brake inertia reduced to eliminate discomfort for the crew. Can leave behind a second reaction time and distance, without you suddenly stop him too late to escape, lot of difference when you put the brake distance up the tail.
in a car fast approaching you, you foresee possible obstacles ahead of time, should tap the brakes in time, give the car a signal of slowing down, avoid the front in the unlikely event your brakes, the deceleration of the vehicle didn't get after you signal caused too late response after chasing your car's tail.

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