Rainy day drive driving Essentials
When it rains, cyclists tend to want to shelter from the rain and bow hard tread wheels, pedestrians wearing a raincoat, as raincoats Cap covering the ears, not easy to hear car horns. In this case, requires motor vehicle drivers to observe the dynamics of pedestrians and cyclists on the road, reduce speed, and ready brake ready.
in addition, any minor spin and flick in a driving feel, due regard should be slow, steady direction. Controlled speed
driving rain will cause the driver's line of sight is poor, coupled with the rain on the windshield, reduced rate of transmission, easily misleading. At this point, if the driving speed, tire friction coefficient is small, braking and braking distance is longer and a little attention, can easily have an accident. So, the driver while driving on a rainy day, be sure to reduce the speed, his hands to grip the steering wheel to prevent unilateral tire ran over out of control caused by local water, and keeping a distance of not less than 50 m, and maintain good vision. Case of downhill, turn should slow down in advance, using engine holding resistance brake, no coasting in neutral.
If too much rain, accompanied by lightning, the driver on the Windows completely closed, Park your car to a safe site, waiting for the rain to slightly reduced after passage. In addition, in order to avoid lightning attacks, drivers do not phone in the car.
met water caution
traffic in the event of water on rainy days, vehicles don't Dodge around, so easy to get behind misunderstood, resulting in accidents. Under normal circumstances, never sneaking through in case of stagnant water, a last resort to Wade, to keep the 1-2 pass at one time. If the depth exceeds the engine hatch, just don't drive, immediately turn off parking. Sections of unknown depth, should get off at a glance, so as to avoid engine stalling the water.

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