Dust drive considerations
All wind drive, attention must be concentrated. At the time of the wind, some pedestrians with a scarf covered my face, or simply yourself up with a hat, vision is restricted; others pace run running, these pedestrians often regardless of the road motor vehicles. No way, all when you're driving to a highly centralized, but also to control the speed, otherwise easily lead to accidents.
under the influence of wind, some pedestrians or drivers of other vehicles simply cannot hear the sound of car horns. So, in the face of unstable target, don't try to Horn, so other than clogging for yourself, in fact meant very little. In case of local sections of the Ming ban, was caught by the police can be bad.
during the Gale, some cyclists head down hard ride ahead, or in mixed traffic in the intersection while driving on the roads, motorists should be aware of these cyclists bow, best when driving at low speed, ready to brake parking against the bike into motorway.

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