Automotive practice several purposes and requirements
First: the oil off with: the aim is to grasp the clutch and throttle coordinate.
requirements: lift the clutch pedal slowly, when you hear a voice change, pedal accelerator pedal slowly and slowly lift the clutch pedal, not stalling, not into the block.
II: the purpose is moving quickly in order to start the car, preventing the traffic at the intersection, the road was clear.
requirements: smooth start, not went down, cannot turn off, cannot be rushed, all-speed exercise.
the third item: lines: the aim is to make the car fast, safe overtaking.
requirements: carefully observe road conditions, maintain a safe distance, and resolutely put an end to forced, illegal overtaking and lines.
fourth category: stop into place: the aim is to make the car parked by the regulation to avoid blocking roads or parked in violation of.
requirements: Security Park, cannot turn off, not rushed, and had to be stopped.
fifth item: plus or minus block: to be familiar with gears, used correctly, according to the vehicle speed and gear or reduction gear.
requirements: cannot drag block, what speed and what gear.
sixth category: turn-around: to achieve the reduction, reduction gear, plus block, speed up proficiency.
requirements: it is necessary to carefully observe the traffic, direct traffic, safety and courtesy.
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