Beginner where driving is easy to ignore
"Newbie's best in the back paste ' practice ', even if the poor driving skills, others see ' internship ' flag will be understanding and tolerance. "Shen Xiangzheng said, in addition, for driving safety and comfort on the bus first, adjust the seat and mirrors. Release the handbrake before the road, stopping to pull the hand brake. Never open slide, slide neutral increases braking distance, pose a security risk. Overtaking when turning, and wire, turn signals, reasonable to change the high and low beam lights, emergency double-flashing warning light. For personnel and property safety, close the doors will be locked after the first time, let alone as a safe car, don't put money in the car, mobile phones, computers and other valuables.
"there are many other situations, you want to remember is: obey, develop good driving morals. "The real driving skills, only their own study in practice.
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