Trap drive training teaches you how to "smart" choice
Training of students grasp the distance between vehicles and pedestrians when driving at night, grasp the distance between the car and car; to the students about driving in the identification and removal of machinery in General, telling students driving after an accident in the course of treatment, as well as the procedures necessary in the process. Current driving school training, because training time is short, only grasp simple how-to and method. Even this simple training field experience in road conditions. However, the actual road conditions are much more complex than the training ground. Driving coaches on the road are not the case, it is impossible to explain it to the driver handle a variety of situations and real-road driving experience. So real-road driving training is necessary. But, with in recent years car sparring user market of flourish, industry specification development still lag, black sparring company and the private sparring have appeared, they often to very low of price attract customer, low price behind is hidden with many black trap, such as coach car is itself modified vehicles, exists serious security hidden; coaches in students car Hou pretexts charges with; coaches only accompany not taught driving technology; coaches for seeking easily, designed pick loop main road, simple sections driving, series problem, and Service problems often lead to disputes on both sides, leaving consumers confused bewildered, gradual loss of trust in sparring.
How to help consumers improve their awareness of prevention and protection, look for "master" retrieved "Canon"?
, don't just compare the price index, also the enterprise behind the price, include whether to have the regular license, enterprise scale, history, reputation, and so on.
II, meticulous details of relevant services, including the detailed tutorial is one-on-one training, enterprise training arrangements.
three, communicate with the accompanied driving instructors specified in advance, so that its bottom.
four, and entered into a formal written agreement is critical, not only explicit stipulation in the agreement both parties responsibilities and rights, and met after the accident, where the line should be a compensation, consumer details such as how claims should be clear.

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